Autors: Juan M. Bueno, Martin Skorsetz, Stefano Bonora, and Pablo Artal
Journal: Optics Express
Volume: 26 (Issue 11)
Pages: 14278-14287
Year: 2018
ISBN: 1094-4087


A multi-actuator adaptive lens (AL) was incorporated into a multi-photon (MP) microscope to improve the quality of images of thick samples. Through a hill-climbing procedure the AL corrected for the specimen-induced aberrations enhancing MP images. The final images hardly differed when two different metrics were used, although the sets of Zernike coefficients were not identical. The optimized MP images acquired with the AL were also compared with those obtained with a liquid-crystal-on-silicon spatial light modulator. Results have shown that both devices lead to similar images, which corroborates the usefulness of this AL for MP imaging.

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