Autores: Emmanuel Chirre, Pedro M. Prieto and Pablo Artal
Revista: Optics Letters
Volumen: Vol. 39
Paginas: pp. 4773-4775
Fecha: 07-08-2014 (2014)
ISBN: 0146-9592


We have designed and built a binocular Hartmann–Shack wave-front sensor using a single microlens array and camerafor real-time aberration measurement of both eyes in an open-view configuration. Furthermore, the use of a longwavelength (1050 nm) laser diode makes the illumination source completely invisible, so that measurements can beunobtrusively performed while the subject stares at the visual world under realistic conditions. The setup provides alarge dynamic range and simultaneous measurements of convergence, pupil size, accommodation, and aberrations.The open-view design not only offers the possibility of measuring the subject’s ocular optics under natural conditionsbut also allows coupling the device with other existing vision testing instruments and setups, which increasesits potential to become a powerful tool for different visual optics studies.

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