Compact optical integration instrument to measure intraocular straylight

Authors: Harilaos Ginis, Onurcan Sahin, Alexandros Pennos and Pablo Artal
Journal: Biomedical Optics Express
Volume: Vol. 5
Pages: pp. 3036-3041
Date: 14-08-2014 (2014)
ISBN: 2156-7085

Optical measurement of straylight in the human eye is achallenging task. Issues such as illumination geometry, detector sensitivityand dynamic range as well as various inherent artifacts must be addressed.We developed a novel instrument based on the […]

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Binocular open-view instrument to measure aberrations and pupillary dynamics

Autores: Emmanuel Chirre, Pedro M. Prieto and Pablo Artal
Revista: Optics Letters
Volumen: Vol. 39
Paginas: pp. 4773-4775
Fecha: 07-08-2014 (2014)
ISBN: 0146-9592
We have designed and built a binocular Hartmann–Shack wave-front sensor using a single microlens array and camerafor real-time aberration measurement of both eyes in an open-view configuration. Furthermore, the use of a longwavelength (1050 nm) laser diode makes the illumination source completely invisible, so […]

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