Spatial properties of fundus reflectance and red–green relative spectral sensitivity

Autors: Dimitrios Christaras, Harilaos Ginis, Pablo Artal
Journal: Journal of the Optical Society of America A
Volume: 32 (9)
Pages: 1723-1728
Year: 2015
ISBN: 1084-7529


We investigated the spatial characteristics of the diffuse light in the eye at two different wavelengths and the extent to which this may affect red–green relative spectral sensitivity. The fundus reflectance of six subjects was […]

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Second-harmonic generation microscopy of photocurable polymer intrastromal implants in ex-vivo corneas

Autors: Juan M. Bueno, Raquel Palacios, Alexandros Pennos, and Pablo Artal
Journal: Biomedical Optics Express
Volume: 6 (6)
Pages: 2211-2219
Year: 2015
ISBN: 2156-7085
A custom adaptive-optics (AO) multiphoton microscope was used to visualize the corneal stroma after the insertion of a photocurable polymer material. A lamellar pocket was created and a certain amount of polymer in liquid form was injected. This turned into […]

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An aspheric intraocular telescope for age-related macular degeneration patients

Autors: Juan Tabernero, Muhammad A Qureshi, Scott J Robbie, and Pablo Artal
Journal: BioMedical Optics Express
Volume: 6 (3)
Pages: 1010-1020
Year: 2015
ISBN: 2156-7085

We have designed an intraocular telescope for the posterior chamber of the human eye of patients with age related macular degeneration. The basic design is composed of two decentered high optical power lenses ( + 66D and −66D) […]

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Location of Achromatizing Pupil Position and First Purkinje Reflection in a Normal Population

Autors: Silvestre Manzanera, Pedro M. Prieto, Antonio Benito, Juan Tabernero, and Pablo Artal
Journal: IOVS
Volume: 56 (2)
Pages: 962-966
Year: 2015
ISBN: 0146-0404

PURPOSE. Quality of vision in patients who have undergone corneal refractive surgery depends
upon the optimal centration of the procedures used. The center of the pupil is used as a
reference point in some corneal ablation procedures. The […]

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Dynamics of the near response under natural viewing conditions with an open-view sensor

Autors: Emmanuel Chirre, Pedro Prieto, and Pablo Artal
Journal: Biomedical Optics Express
Volume: Vol. 6, Issue 10
Pages: 4200-4211
Year: 2015
ISBN: 2156-7085


We have studied the temporal dynamics of the near response (accommodation, convergence and pupil constriction) in healthy subjects when accommodation was performed under natural binocular and monocular viewing conditions. A binocular open-view multi-sensor based on an invisible […]

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Wide-field optical model of the human eye with asymmetrically tilted and decentered lens that reproduces measured ocular aberrations

Journal: Optica
Authors: James Polans, Bart Jaeken, Ryan P. McNabb, Pablo Artal,  Joseph A. Izatt
Volume: 2, Issue 2
Pages: 124-134
Year: 2015
ISBN: 2334-2536

Eye models are valuable tools that can help delineate the role of anatomical parameters on visual performance and guide the design of advanced ophthalmic instrumentation. We propose an optically accurate wide-field schematic eye that reproduces the complete […]

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Binocular visual performance with aberration correction as a function of light level

Autores: Christina Schwarz, Silvestre Manzanera, Pablo Artal
Revista: Journal of Vision
Volumen: 14
Paginas: 1-11
Fecha: 16-12-2014 (2014)
ISBN: 1534-7362

The extent to which monocular visual performance of subjects with normal amounts of ocular aberrations can be improved with adaptive optics (AO) depends on both the pupil diameter and the luminance for visual testing. Here, the benefit of correction of higher order aberrations for […]

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Optics of the eye and its impact in vision: a tutorial

Autores: Pablo Artal
Revista: Advances in Optics and Photonics
Volumen: 6
Paginas: 340-367
Fecha: 24-09-2014 (2014)
ISBN: 1943-8206
1. Introduction
The human eye is an extremely robust, and rather simple, optical instrument. It is composed of only two positive lenses, the cornea and the crystalline lens, that project images of the world into the retina initiating the visual process. Compared with artificial optical systems, often formed by many […]

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Comparison of binocular through-focus visual acuity with monovision and a small aperture inlay

Authors: Christina Schwarz, Silvestre Manzanera, Pedro M. Prieto, Enrique J. Fernández, and Pablo Artal
Revista: Biomedical Optics Express
Volumen: Vol. 5
Paginas: pp. 3355-3366
Fecha: 02-09-2014 (2014)
ISBN: 2156-7085
Corneal small aperture inlays provide extended depth of focus as a solution to presbyopia. As this procedure is becoming more popular, it is interesting to compare its performance with traditional approaches, such as monovision. Here, binocular visual acuity […]

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Compact optical integration instrument to measure intraocular straylight

Authors: Harilaos Ginis, Onurcan Sahin, Alexandros Pennos and Pablo Artal
Journal: Biomedical Optics Express
Volume: Vol. 5
Pages: pp. 3036-3041
Date: 14-08-2014 (2014)
ISBN: 2156-7085

Optical measurement of straylight in the human eye is achallenging task. Issues such as illumination geometry, detector sensitivityand dynamic range as well as various inherent artifacts must be addressed.We developed a novel instrument based on the […]

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